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In classic structural analysis, bending moments and shear forces are the basic quantities used for the comparison of structural elements. In this book, in addition to these quantities, the relative displacements are also calculated using methods of modern structural analysis. The relative displacements are the objective quantities that stand closer to the human perception, and it is for this reason that has replaced moments and shear forces for the comparison of structures and their elements.

This book, together with the software that comes with it, cover a wide range of buildings of common practice, leaving aside specific categories such as prestressed, precast and composite steel-concrete, beamless slabs (flat slabs), unreinforced or lightly reinforced slabs and lightweight structures.

Basic knowledge of structural analysis and materials science are the sole prerequisites for studying volume B’.

The four books discussing the design and construction of reinforced concrete buildings, written with the assistance of my colleagues between 1974 and 1976, have led to the development, as a by product, of the related software. The books were revised in 1995 according to the transitional Greek regulations and reviewed again in 2000 so as to fully conform to the final official EKOS/EAK 2000 regulations. The transitional regulation of 1994 as well as EKOS/EAK 2000, introduced after the catastrophic earthquake in Athens in 1999, was based on the Eurocodes at the time. It is through this evolutionary route that we have come to acquire a thorough understanding of each and every concept concerning Eurocodes and an in depth knowledge of their content, which , in turn , enabled us to write this new books series, to which the one at hand belongs.

The use of software is not necessary for studying the book, yet it is of essence for the reader who would like to check the validity of results or to consider and entertain useful variations of the examples provided for in the book.

The author will consider his work as a meaningful contribution, if the reader is motivated to create, using his own software, new variations of the examples offered, or new cases from his own experience, and reach his own conclusions.

In various examples, simple EXCEL spreadsheets have been used as well as tables, posted, in specific WEB locations, but also in our site www.buildinghow.com.

A limited time trial edition of the related software, HoloBIM, can be downloaded from this site. Alternatively the full edition can be purchased and readily used.

Apostolos Konstantinidis

Civil Engineer


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