« Estimation of the structural frame’s cost Detailing drawings »


Electronic exchange of designs - bids - orders

The structural analysis and design are performed, almost exclusively, by means of a complete software package.

On the other hand, the detailing requires the combination of different software applications, every one of which demands a different input. A part of that necessary data is re-inserted into every application while another part is inserted as the output of a previous application. As a consequence, the necessary amount of time and cost for the detailing are rather large.

Moreover, every data modification e.g. in the dimensions of the elevator, entails new successive data entries until we reach the final goal which is to estimate all the quantities of material and labors, by following the same time consuming procedure. Apart though from the high cost, the continuous data transferring from software to software is particularly precarious due to possible human errors.

The present situation regarding the reinforcement bids and orders is presented below:

(1) The rebars’ order is made to the reinforcement supplier by sending numerous drawings, de-tails and schedules. These require great attention and constitute a bureaucratic procedure often made manually.

(2) Every reinforcement supplier requires a large amount of time and money in order to send a reliable bid.

(3) The contractor faces difficulty in receiving reliable bids from numerous reinforcement suppli-ers.

All the above described procedures are time consuming, have a rather high cost and if we take into account the unavoidable human errors caused by the several number transfers, the result-ing delays and the complaints, one will realize the difficulty that lays in managing the critical is-sue of the earthquake resistant reinforcement.

The solution to the complex problem of a quick and reliable bid sending and receiving or rein-forcement ordering, is expected to be provided by the internet and the new advanced software.

The software included in the CD that accompanies this book intends to solve the problem with the electronic order (e-Order) and to open a new chapter in the international market regarding the extremely complex issue of the reinforcement ordering for the construction of reinforced concrete structural frames.


« Estimation of the structural frame’s cost Detailing drawings »