Our building


The new owned building of BUILDINGHOW TEAM is situated next to KALIMARMARO Stadium of Athens and was designed by architect Nikos Theodosiou.
The building is an exceptional example of modern architecture and constitutes the ideal combination of high aesthetics, persisted technology and functionality.

The facade of the building is dominated by white marble which combined with stainless steel projects the third dimension in the colourful panels featuring the company's logo.

The logo of the company was made with stainless steel which dominates on the two adjacent surfaces of the facade(1).
The buildings front entrance is electronically checked (3)
A small garden gives natural detail to the openings of the entrance (2, 4).

wood on the reception areas wall works together with leather and metal designer furniture (7, 8)

The heavy black granite staircase which in turn is transformed to a light metal construction is a Sculpture like figure in the heart of the building (5) .
The company's logo on the floor of the elevator is designed with an artistic touch and a combination of colourful marble pieces.

The chairman of BUILDINGHOW TEAM Μ r. Apostolos Konstantinidis is obviously satisfied from the result of his efforts (9)
The office of the CEO is optically isolated from the meeting room by a glass wall. (10,12). In the north-western side of the area, a series of successive glass openings bearing RC Design leaves the view open toward the Parthenon.
The obvious cylindrical ventilators run through the roof complementing the game of metal rods in a plastic sculptural result (10, 11, 12).
The ending of the metal staircase from the 3 rd floor to the 4 th proves that functionality can become a work of art (13)

An important factor for the choise of the buildings position was the tranquillity and peacefulness of the area although it is situated in the centre of Athens

Next to Kallimarmaro stadium, beside a busy avenue there is a quiet and narrow street.

The particularity of the terms of building, was an important parameter for the architectural solution. The other one was that the plot is found in distance of 60 metres from Kalimarmaro Stadium.
In respect to Kallimarmaro Stadium the building had to be designed in a constructional simplicity.

The building however belongs in its era and so white marble is reconciled with the stainless steel net for protection. The complement materials in the front of the building are glass and aluminium.

The below part of the building is made from concrete while the upper part is from steel. The co-existence of concrete and steel, as well as Kallimaro Stadium and software, is the motive for the implementation of the architecture solution
From the strictness of simple combinations of white and black marble, black granite and stainless steel, the pure glass that is seen in the entrance of the building,

we are gradually carried on the intense sculptural plasticity of iron elements and the lively colourful variety that surrounds the working environment of BUILDINGHOW TEAM.

In the ground floor the severe combination of hard material marbles and steel is smoothed by multi-colouring the graphite documents of the company logos that cover the two columns in front of the garage of BUILDINGHOW TEAM
On the last floor the intense plasticity and chromatic variety is smoothed by partial inserts of dark and light coloured wood.

On the basement, glass ceiling windows, at suitable locations allow the place to be sunny, reversing the sense of a dark underground space

Stainless steel net covers the upper front side of the building forming a gap between the glass of the facade and itself so as to limit the blinding western sunlight as well as to protect it from the cold winter wind

Specifically studied the space of Research and Development in the 3 rd floor combines the spirit of isolation and collaboration (14, 16).

Luminous colourful walls of glass divide the Companys Sales and Marketing Deparments.

The glass roof openings and the design of ventilators stresses the sense of future technology (19, 20, 21, 24)

Alternation of size and colours define straight lines that are either intersected or parallel, stressing the plasticity of spaces (22, 23, 24).

The engineers room is equipped with the the best instruments of projection and sound so as to meet the high requirements of stereoscopical depiction (25).



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